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It was perfect.  It was “happily ever after.”
Then life happened.  Things changed. Your spouse changed.

And now you would give anything in the world to:

   get your best friend back.
   get your soulmate back.
   get your love back.

We’re here to tell you that you can feel HOPEFUL again.

Our practical and proven methods will allow you to rekindle and divorce-proof your bond.

And you can start right now and book a single session (online or in our office) with no strings attached.

Beneath the fear, frustration, and doubt . . . there’s a love and friendship that’s still burning strong.

We’ll help you FIND IT AGAIN.

News Flash! – –

Studies show that marriage counseling
is surprisingly INEFFECTIVE.

Trade your “couch” for a “coach”
and experience greater results faster!

Couples Who Found Their Mojo

We’re in love again!
“Thanks for all you did for us. It is making a difference and we continue to be IN LOVE. We had a talk with our parents and they were so happy and relieved to see the change in both of us. I can’t even think about where we would be now if not for you and I don’t want to. It’s wonderful to be looking forward to the future.” ~ M.B.

Therapy didn’t help. You did.
“I finally stopped seeing my therapist. I had been with her for a long time, but after I began working with you, I realized how little she had helped me. I like the way you give me concrete things to work on and feel like I’ve made much more progress in a shorter amount of time. You truly have a gift. I know you’re trying to help me be self-sufficient, but you’ll never work yourself out of a job with me!” ~ J.B.

You had us at ‘hello.’
“You were very helpful to us. One of our goals was to build a relationship with someone so we have somebody to talk to before things get crazy. We both liked you very much and were really impressed by how much you seemed to understand the issues and clearly reiterate them back to us. When the time comes for us to get back on track, we’ll certainly come and see you.” ~ D.D.

My expectations were blown.
“My experience with you was wonderful! Your knowledge and professionalism helped me quickly overcome my fear. Being a man, I have always wanted to fix things for myself, but your ability to empathize, help me understand the problem, and put things in perspective allowed me to break down some of the preconceived ideas I had about working with someone.” ~ K.R.

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