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FINANCES and FIANCÉES: 12 Questions to Ask Before Marrying Your Money

Did you know that money is one of the primary drivers of marital conflict and divorce?  If you’re already hitched, …

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MONEY MADNESS: When Fighting About Money is Tearing You Apart

It’s no secret that fighting about money is one of the leading causes of divorce.  In fact, according to a …

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HOPE FOR THE BEST; PREPARE FOR THE WORST: When Your Fiance’ Wants a Prenup

Let me guess.  You just received an elaborate and romantic proposal from your fiancé and you said YES!  You have …

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FINANCIAL INFIDELITY: What to do if your spouse is breaking the bank

QUESTION: My wife is hiding purchases from me, which wasn’t a problem until my hours were recently cut at work.  …

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THE YEAR IN REVIEW: How to Assess the State of Your Union

It’s that time of year again: the time for reflection and resolutions.  We all think about the best movies and …

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Money Matters: What Do Couples Fight About Most?

Because money always vies for top slot when it comes to the reasons for divorce, it stays front and center …

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To Combine or Not Combine: Making the Most of Your Marital Money

With money being one of the top sources of marital conflict and reasons for divorce in the US, it’s not …

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