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YOU DON’T BRING ME FLOWERS: What to Do if Your Spouse Isn’t Romantic

The subject of today’s blog is the proverbial complaint I’ve heard from almost every wife I’ve ever worked with: “My …

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MARRIAGE LIMBO: What it Means and How to Get Out of It

QUESTION: I’ve been in marriage limbo for years now and it’s only gotten worse.  I look at my friends’ marriages …

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FINDING A MATE (Part I): What Makes Someone Marriage Material?

QUESTION: I’m in my 30’s and want to get married. I have dated a lot of guys who were very different; …

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SEX vs. MAKING LOVE: How to Negotiate Differences in the Bedroom

QUESTION: I enjoy being intimate with my husband, but it feels like sex vs. making love and I don’t feel …

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YOU DON’T BRING ME FLOWERS: My Spouse Doesn’t Recognize Valentine’s Day

QUESTION: My husband doesn’t recognize Valentine’s Day in any way.  I tell myself it’s not a big deal, but every …

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Ditch the Kids: Date Night Reimagined

Real-life story: Michael and I were recently sitting with three couples in our marriage recovery group at church and came …

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