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Questions About Marriage Coaching:

Marriage counseling and marriage coaching are two distinct approaches. Both can be valuable, but choosing the right one for your unique situation and relationship goals is vital to your success. Learn more about the difference between marriage coaching and marriage counseling here.

We pride ourselves on honesty and will share our thoughts and recommendations openly.  We may feel coaching is a good fit or suggest that you follow up with another kind of professional.

So let’s talk!  If you’d like to explore how coaching can help you create the marriage you’ve been dreaming of, book a single session to get started.

The length and frequency of coaching differs widely depending on your situation, objectives, availability, and commitment. Many of our couples only need 3 to 6 sessions to make substantial progress, and some completely reach their goals in that short time. VICTORY!

However, just like your marriage, this is not a race. It’s a commitment to working toward a partnership characterized by love, mutual support, and happiness as a couple, whatever that takes. When you both have your eyes on that ultimate goal, you’ll get there much faster than you think.

To support positive change, you will generally be given action assignments at each session.  These aren’t “pass or fail” tasks, but they ARE crucial to your future success.  You will work on them – individually or as a couple – and report on your progress at our next meeting.

We typically recommend either coaching or counseling, but there are certainly instances where it is beneficial to add coaching to your therapy regime.  It’s critical to ensure that these dual approaches are not in conflict, so simply share your situation with us and we will discuss the best way forward.

Let’s start here: The coaching profession is almost entirely unregulated. Many individuals hang a shingle as a “coach” without a license, certification, training, or preparation of any kind.

As one well-known ‘coach’ answered when recently asked how she entered the profession: “I was a personal trainer and people told me about their problems and I started ‘feeling the coaching’ and then I did it.

That’s not me (Michele). I have dedicated my professional career to this work.  Here are just a few ways I stand above and apart from many who call themselves “coaches.”

  • First, I completed a comprehensive and intensive training program in order to earn a professional coaching certification. This program required an in-person masterclass, self-study, written essays and exercises (which were reviewed by a mentor coach), and supervision of my work as a coach for 12-18 months.
  • Second, most coaches are “personal” or “life” coaches. Couples may represent a small fraction of their clients, if that. I specialize in couples coaching and ONLY work with couples (or relationship issues). If your “coach” professes to help people get a job, lose weight, correct their finances, AND improve their marriage . . . start asking questions.
  • Third, I obtained a graduate degree in my field, obtained many years of clinical supervision, and worked with couples as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) for more than 10 years before moving to coaching. The combination of my training, education, credentials and experience has led to a deep understanding of what truly motivates couples and allows them to realize the marriage of their dreams.

I invite you to view our About page to learn more about why I would be an asset to your relationship. You’re also welcome to skim a few of the awesome testimonials I’ve received over the years from previous clients and students.

We value all individuals, regardless of their beliefs.  We are transparent about our faith because it is central to our own marriage and some couples search specifically for a coach who shares their spiritual worldview and value system. However, we work with clients of all religions as well as those who do not claim a personal faith.

We do believe one’s spiritual beliefs are foundational to relational choices and life decisions. Though there are exceptions, we generally take the view that marriage is a life-long commitment based on Biblical teaching that marriage is a covenant made between a husband, a wife, and God.

If you desire the inclusion of prayer or scripture in our work together, we welcome this; however, these practices are not a routine part of our approach and are not used if they are unwelcome or unhelpful. Our aim is to encourage you to evaluate your own priorities and then begin to make decisions and commitments based on those values.

Questions About the Results You Can Expect:

While healthy marriages have some things in common, every marriage is different and has its special story, strengths, and challenges. As such, your own path of healing and growth will also be unique.

If you are committed to and focused on your coaching plan, you should see incremental (or maybe even significant) improvement in the areas we are working on.

But don’t take it from us.  Another way of predicting a positive outcome would be to consult our previous clients. Their stories are inspiring!

You may think that your situation is vastly different from others, but odds are that we’ve helped many couples with a similar story. There’s no such thing as a lost cause, and every marriage (even ours) can be improved!

We look forward to learning your “before” story and working with you to create your “happily ever after” story.

One of our FAVORITE things is to work with engaged or “pre-committed” couples who are still able to create the conditions and habits necessary to sustain a life-long and happy marriage!

In addition to the 1:1 sessions we offer, you may also wish to check out our Premarital Coaching Package or Contact us to inquire about when the on-demand version will go live. We’ve heard that this small investment couples make ahead of their wedding is worth its weight in GOLD (and much more effective than the traditional premarital counseling usually received).

Questions About Our Process/Policies:

You will experience the best results by choosing to meet in the way you BOTH feel most comfortable. When you go to our scheduling page, look for both “Office” (in person) and “Online” (virtual) options.

We also offer coaching via telephone and e-mail. If you would like to take advantage of e-mail or telephone coaching on an as-needed basis, simply contact us and we will explore your needs.

Michael and I co-facilitate all coaching intensive and marriage retreat weekends in person and the available dates for these can also be found on our booking page.

With so much to see and do in nearby Albuquerque and Santa Fe, we encourage those of you who can travel to make the Land of Enchantment part of your vacation plans!

Absolutely!  While “it takes two to tango”, only ONE person is needed to alter relationship patterns.

That said, we’ve discovered that the greatest relationship improvements occur when a couple works together to achieve their goals.  By working as a couple, you not only strengthen your partnership, but increase the chance that you’re on the same page at the end of the process.

You may also start coaching alone and invite your partner to join us later. This approach can also be very effective, particularly when you know you would benefit from individual work before broadening your focus to include your spouse.

Yes! We understand that you may prefer to meet with a woman, man, or another married couple. That’s one advantage when working with Marriage Mojo. We offer BOTH!

Do keep in mind that Michael is currently enrolled in a coaching certification program outside of his normal job and, as such, is currently only co-facilitating our in-person coaching intensive and marriage retreat weekends.

If you have preferences related to individual/couples coaching – – and would like to meet with Michael or with both of us – – simply Contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements if possible.

Please note that all coaching prices shown reflect sessions with me (Michele) only. Prices are subject to change if Michael joins sessions at your request.

Your total and complete privacy is of the utmost importance to us and all information related to our work together will be regarded as strictly confidential unless required by law.

We do not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose client information to third parties in any way other than what is required to support third-party processing (such as through scheduling or e-mail systems).

For additional details, please see our Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies.

For your convenience, we use an online scheduling system that permits you to easily make, reschedule, or cancel appointments.

While you may always schedule with us via this page of our site, you may also use the following link:


If for some reason you are unable to use this system, you’re welcome to use our Contact page, phone (888-616-6656), or e-mail ([email protected]) to reach out.

Do make sure that you review our Terms and Conditions for information related to cancellations and other appointment-related policies before reserving a time to meet with us, as doing so assumes your agreement with these policies.

While we are dedicated to helping couples, we are also committed to nurturing our own marriage by creating time for each other. We tell our clients to make their partners and families a priority, so we try to “walk the talk” and follow our own advice!

Though we strive to serve most of our clients during regular office hours – as other professionals do – we also try to be as flexible as possible and offer limited evening and weekend hours.  (NOTE: We are in Mountain time [US], so our 5:00 p.m. openings are at 6:00 p.m. Central and 7:00 p.m. Eastern).

Michael and I also co-facilitate coaching intensives one weekend a month. Many couples – inside AND outside the area – find this to be the very best way of working with us because there are limited interruptions and we’re both involved.  (When using our scheduling page, look for these dates/times in the “Office” section).

If you are unable to find a time that works for you, please Contact us and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.

Your time is valuable, and we will always respect it. Our time is equally valuable, so we’ve tried to create payment and cancellation policies that are fair and yet discourage the type of “no-shows” and late cancellations that make it difficult to run a business.  (Keep in mind that a “no-show” is defined as being more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled session without notice).

Here is a summary of our payment and cancellation policies (and you should see our Terms and Conditions for the full text):

Regular appointments, such as those reserved for coaching, require pre-payment in full and must be cancelled more than 48 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee.

  • If cancelled between 24 and 48 hours prior to the appointment, an amount equal to 50% of the normal rate will be charged/retained.
  • Appointments cancelled within 24 hours prior to the appointment will be charged the full rate (100%), as will “no-shows” (being absent without notice or more than 10 minutes late).

Customized events such as coaching intensives and retreats typically require advanced registration (e.g., up to 14 days prior) due to quotas, planning, and up-front deposits and must be cancelled at least 10 days prior to avoid a cancellation fee.

  • In some cases, a percentage of the total cost will be required or credit card information will be requested and put on “hold” to reserve a slot for the class or event.  Typically, cancelling within 10 days will result in a 50% cancellation fee, and cancelling within 3 days will result in a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the reservation.

Exceptions to the above will be made at our sole discretion.  We appreciate your understanding.

Please understand that we’ve had to adopt this policy to discourage repeat rescheduling and losing clients who want to work with us. Kindly ensure that you are comfortable with our Terms and Conditions before scheduling a service with us.

We realize that coaching is a significant investment of time, energy, and finances and have created the following ways to save:

If you’ve received marriage counseling in the past, you may have gone through your insurance network to do it.  Which means your insurance company considered this intervention medically necessary on the basis of your therapist’s diagnosis of illness or pathology (via ICD or CPT codes) and that your treatment history is now part of your permanent medical record.

One reason many couples prefer coaching vs. counseling is that their work with us is confidential and doesn’t become part of their permanent medical record and will never adversely impact their health coverage, life insurance, or employment.

With coaching, you are 100% in control. You select WHO you work with, WHAT you focus on, and HOW LONG you receive support without worrying about co-pays, deductibles, networks, or restrictions.

If you need to utilize an existing insurance policy for financial reasons, you should contact a psychotherapist or psychiatrist within your physician network.  We may also refer you to someone within that network if you require therapy or other psychological services.

We hope all your questions have now been answered!  If not, feel free to submit them to us here.
We read every note personally and make every effort to respond within 1 business day.


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