We love our clients . . . and the feeling is mutual!

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You’re so good we don’t need you anymore.

“My husband and I both greatly respect you and the fact that you were straightforward and didn’t dance around our issues. Your goal was to help us get to a point where we didn’t need to see you anymore and that is a laudable gift. You were all about helping us find solutions.”

~ J.B.

The best is booked! 
“I cannot tell you how much our sessions have helped. Thank you so much. You are booked the whole month! Good for you—bad for me.” 
~ R.I.

You stretched me and now I’m giving it another chance.
“I have very much appreciated your invaluable feedback, thought-provoking questions, and nudges out of my comfort zone. I am using the techniques daily, am much more conscious, and find stepping back and thinking things through to be very helpful. I need more practice but have committed to giving it another sincere chance. Thank you again!”
~ M.B.

You had us at ‘hello.’ 
“You were very helpful to us. One of our goals was to build a relationship with someone so we have somebody to talk to before things get crazy. We both liked you very much and were really impressed by how much you seemed to understand the issues and clearly reiterate them back to us. When the time comes for us to get back on track, we’ll certainly come and see you.” 
~ D.D.

I’m ready and know where to go.               
“Thank you for your insight and for providing a forum for me to explore my thoughts. This class has been extremely helpful so far and, boy, has it been an eye-opener (to say the least). I’m very excited to start this year off with a solid game plan.” 
~ A.B.

You just ‘get’ us.

“You have the gift of encouragement and really know how to read between the lines and ask the questions that matter. Thank you for that.”

~ T.H.

The wedding turned out absolutely beautiful and we are doing great!
“I fall more and more in love with [my husband] every day. He is so encouraging and loving! I think you were a HUGE blessing to me, and there I no doubt that God used you in my life. Keep up the great work—I just recommended you to someone else today!” 
~ A.K.

Life is less stressful.

“We’ve come a tremendously long way since we started. At the beginning, every day was a battle and I felt like I was losing the war, but I don’t feel that way anymore. My resentment and stress are down, how we engage is different, and I see a difference in [my wife]. We’re not perfect, but we resolve things faster and have a much better understanding of each other. Your feedback and insight kept us on track.”  ~ A.R.

You moved us from ‘me’ to ‘we’.   
“After almost 30 years of being single, learning to be married has not been an easy feat. When we turned to you, hoping to smooth out the rocky adjustment to marriage, we found you to be exceptionally caring and easy to talk to. You listen to what we say, understand our problems, and provide practical advice and exercises to help us better communicate. You are an amazing sounding board and have been able to show us what we are not hearing the other person say. Our experience with you has been a saving grace and we truly appreciate all your help and guidance.” 
~ D.G.

Now we know how to fight fair.
“The two times we met with you were very helpful. We are still together and have arguments, but they are fewer and farther between and are not as explosive as they used to be, thanks to your guidelines.” 
~ D.V.

Old dogs can learn new tricks.

“We appreciate the work you’ve done with us and have learned a great deal. Arguments don’t linger as much and at least one of us is more willing now to apologize so we can move on.”

~ E.R.

I finally have clarity.                       
“I was astounded by our wonderful session today. I feel like I walked through a big door and suddenly so many things make sense and have fallen into place in my heart and mind. Thank you for being there and being you.” 
~ K.W.

You exceeded our expectations.
“We value our relationship with you. You’ve been really helpful to us and I also want to say that you go above and beyond in the genuine amount of caring and thought that goes into your analysis.” 
~ L.M.

I understand what I’ve been missing.
“I’ve seen a lot of [professionals], so I’m in a good position to say that you have been one of the only ones I could understand. You have a way of putting things that I get. You have a gift.” 
~ L.B.

My expectations were blown.
“My experience with you was wonderful! Your knowledge and professionalism helped me quickly overcome my fear. Being a man, I have always wanted to fix things for myself, but your ability to empathize, help me understand the problem, and then put things in perspective allowed me to break down some of the preconceived ideas I had about working with someone.” 
~ K.R.

Five stars and then some.

“I wanted to say ‘thank you’ again for all you did for us. We loved your input, outlook, and I could keep going on and on! We can’t thank you enough for the complete turn-around in my life. You will get nothing but the highest recommendation from me!”

~ M.B.

Coaching helped me clear the hurdles.
“With your help, I was able to define my issue, develop an action plan and finally make some measurable progress. Your intuitive ability to illuminate the barriers that were standing in my way was a key to my success.” 
~ J.L.

You’ve made me a better wife and mother.
“Michele, you are an outstanding person.  You have helped us better understand each other as I’ve learned to step back and think clearly instead of arguing.  You have also taught me how to cope with being a step-mom to my step-children.  Despite my addiction, you have enabled me to stay clean and sober and the confidence I have feels wonderful.”” 
~ L.G.

You worked with us but changed our whole family.       
“You’ve really helped us a lot and made a big difference to our family.  You can add us to the rest of your success stories.” 
~ K.W.

I stand amazed.
“Meeting with you has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I have seen God do some amazing things in and around my life that I don’t think I could have seen before discussing and dealing with my imperfections. I appreciate your non-judgmental nature and that I can be comfortable talking about the hard stuff with you.” 
~ T.W.

More, please!

“This was one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. I only wish we had a longer session!”

~ Anon

You’re in the right place.
“You have a gift of relating with couples and I can see how much passion you have for marriage. I’d love to attend a day-long workshop.”
~ Anon

Exactly what we needed.     
“This was wonderful! – – and very timely, practical, and relevant to us. The examples were right on!” 
~ Anon

Just what the doctor ordered.
“All the material was clear and well put-together and presented. It was just the right amount of information.” 
~ Anon

We have constructive conflict now.           
“This was very helpful, as fighting fair is our biggest struggle. It gave us a way to have productive disagreements.” 
~ Anon

A necessary attitude adjustment.

“Perfect timing. We were dealing with a difficult conflict and weren’t able to look at each other’s point of view. Your presentation helped us take a step back and realize this.”

~ Anon

I got much more than just a coach.           
“I want to give a shout-out to Michele for being my teacher, advisor, mentor, cheerleader, and coach. Her encouragement and advice along the way is what gave me a push when I felt myself stalling in the course. She went above and beyond what I expected. I am really going to miss her.” 
~ Anon

A worthwhile investment.  
“This course was fantastic, and led by exactly the kind of instructor you want for an online course. Michele is expressive, positive, and incredibly encouraging. The course more than paid for itself in terms of the knowledge and perspective gained. Michele is fabulous and made the class intriguing and pertinent. She is incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. I love to take a class that adds immediate value and highly recommend this one!” 
~ Anon

I felt like I was the only one in the group.           
“Michele is an excellent instructor! I really don’t think I would have learned as much without her guidance, encouragement, and support. She understands group dynamics but continually provides individualized support to each student and is a huge reason why we all finished successfully. Her practical assignments and course discussions motivated us all.” 
~ Anon

I will be spreading the news!
“I was very satisfied with the course, which was very interactive and informative. I was also very impressed with Michele. She is awesome! I have every intention of recommending this course to others.” 
~ Anon

Just the right balance of direction and support.

“I cannot praise this course enough and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this experience. Michele will be my hero forever. She was both supportive and directive, gave ample explanations to questions, and interacted with each of us in an instructive way.”

~ Anon

“The course was excellent in so many ways. Michele’s support and encouragement were superb. She really is exemplary.” 
~ Anon

Mil grazie.    
“THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES for all your encouragement and coaching throughout the course. I cannot thank you enough. You made it an awesome experience!” 
~ Anon

Fun AND fulfilling.            
“It was such a pleasure to be a participant in this class, and it was a valuable and rewarding journey for me. I got much more from the experience than I sacrificed to participate.” 
~ S.K.

You set me on the path I wanted to go.     
“Thank you again so much for your practical ideas, wisdom, and encouragement. I can’t say enough about you and I will act on everything you suggested. You really thought about what I’m aiming for and I will be happy to endorse your abilities and speak highly of you to anyone.” 
~ E.R.

Thanks for the inspiration.

“What an AMAZING course. Your endless support and encouragement helped me make it to the finish line.”

~ T.H.

Lucky me.
“Thank you again for an awesome course. I benefited significantly – not just from your knowledge and experience, but from your understanding, positive encouragement, AND your incredible ability to facilitate interesting and constructive discussions. I feel very fortunate indeed.” 
~ C.C.

I’m ready and know where to go.   
“Thank you for your insight and for providing a forum for me to explore my thoughts. This class has been very helpful to me because I came into it with the goal of improving myself and have already seen the benefits and been inspired and energized.” 
~ W.V.

Thanks for leading the way.                      
“Michele, you deserve all the credit for every ounce of enthusiasm I have towards this course. Your support and mentoring made it so enjoyable for me and I thank you for all your support.” 
~ G.B.

It hurt – – and then it helped a ton.
“Thank you guiding us through this amazing course! It was surprisingly difficult because when the modules began to trigger deep introspection, I was truly shaken by the self-discovery that emerged. I’m not going to lie—there were a lot of tears. I found some hard truths and found myself slowly taking it all in, re-watching the videos, and taking copious notes. I’m so grateful for the enlightenment, especially during this vulnerable time. A million thanks for your personal attention to all the discussions and assignments—it was gold.” 
~ J.C.

You challenged us to think – – and then act.

“Thank you for all of your wonderful guidance in an excellent course. You are supportive in all the right ways and I appreciate that you push us to think critically about the things we are learning because information can quickly escape if not meaningfully reflected-upon and applied. I am enjoying the guided journey and grateful have you as an instructor.”

~ J.C.

I’m passing it on!
“I’ve really enjoyed the course. It’s been useful, and I’ve used the information so many times, even during recent times when my friends needed relationship advice!” 
~ A.B.

You stand out from the crowd.
“Michele, thank you for your kind comments: it makes such a difference. Certain teachers stand out for stimulating thinking and stretching us to make the most of a course. You are one of them.” 
~ A.W.

Your empathy made an impact.
“This course was unexpectedly cathartic. You only had a mere glimpse of my situation, yet you understood me and the magnitude of decisions that must be made and the journey that lies ahead. I speak from my heart when I tell you that your response touched my soul. Your non-judgmental words of compassion and reassurance will never be forgotten.” 
~ T.J.

I can use what I learned across the board.
“Thanks for your helpful feedback and encouraging words. The concepts in this course are something I can put into practice that will help me improve my relationships. I plan to review the course content and apply it to both my work and personal life.” 
~ M.A.


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